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EmTech France

October 10-11, 2017
Toulouse, France

Leading the Transformation of Humanity: People as the Center of Technological Evolution


EmTech Asia

January 30-31, 2018

Where Technology, Business and Innovation Collide

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Inspecting Algorithms for Bias

Courts, banks, and other institutions are using automated data analysis systems to make decisions about your life. Let’s not leave it up to the algorithm makers to decide whether they’re doing it appropriately.


We Need to Talk About the Power of AI to Manipulate Humans

Our tendency to become emotionally attached to chatbots could be exploited by companies seeking a profit.


The Desktop of the Future Is Coming

Augmented-reality startup Meta’s vision for the future of work involves midair sticky notes and plenty of hand gestures.

Nov 6-9, 2017

MIT Media Lab

Discover the emerging technologies that will change the world.

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