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May 23–24, 2016, St. Regis Hotel, San Francisco.

Artificial intelligence already impacts every industry, powering search, social media, and smartphones and tracking personal health and finances. What’s coming next promises to be the greatest computing breakthrough of our time, yet it’s difficult to discern facts from hype. EmTech Digital does just that – giving you the business intelligence you need in this rapidly shifting landscape.

  • Learn how to harness new technologies to build or maintain a competitive business advantage: increase revenue, ensure security, make the best hires in a changing workforce.

  • Gain clear business insights in order to cut through the noise around artificial intelligence and big data so you can chart your strategy.

  • Meet the sharpest minds in the technology, engineering, academic, startup, and management communities leading the next wave of intelligent technologies.

EmTech Digital 2016 examines:

  • The Technologies Powering Change

    The latest research on artificial intelligence techniques, including deep learning and speech and image recognition, that are providing machines with valuable new capabilities and making the automation of more business decisions possible.

  • The Business Impacts and Opportunities

    How AI will continue to change the face of every industry, including:
    • Health care and biomedicine
    • Retail and finance
    • Transportation and auto
    • Media and advertising
    • ...and more

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A carefully curated line-up of speakers addresses the questions on every business leader’s mind, including:

  • How do established companies apply intelligent technologies to stay relevant in industries such as health care and biomedicine, retail and finance, transportation and auto, and media and advertising?

  • How might intelligent technologies address the increasingly important issue of security?

  • How might robots and intelligent systems require us to reimagine jobs?

  • What new skill sets are tomorrow’s leaders hiring for today?

  • How will business adapt to machines that are capable of acting autonomously?

  • How are startups using underlying AI techniques to build systems that disrupt existing industries?

Who Should Attend?

EmTech Digital is for senior executives responsible for information, technology, security, strategy, and marketing – those charged with driving innovation and product development across industries and sectors within their business. Titles might include:

  • C-Level Executives
  • Heads of Innovation
  • VC/Investors
  • VPs of Strategy
  • VPs of Product Planning
  • R&D Specialists
  • IT decision makers

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Venue + Travel

Join us at the lovely St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco, California. The St. Regis Hotel enjoys an artful address, with the Museum of the African Diaspora located within the hotel and the renowned San Francisco Museum of Modern Art next door. The hotel is located in the vibrant SoMA district affording guests magnificent views of the San Francisco cityscape. Learn more about the St. Regis San Francisco.

MIT Technology Review's mission is to equip audiences with the intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology. The annual EmTech Digital conference examines new opportunities in the digital economy and the associated business implications – like increasing revenue, ensuring security, making the best hires in the changing workforce.

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