About Our events

MIT Technology Review Live Events bring our award-winning journalism to life. From large-scale global conferences to industry-focused gatherings where attendees can make meaningful connections, they are thought-provoking events that introduce emerging technologies to audiences worldwide.

Our in-person and on-video events are where technology, business, and culture converge. They showcase emerging technologies with the greatest potential to change our lives. Above all, they provide access to the most innovative people and companies in the world.

We tap the rich diversity of the tech community to gather experts who’ll give you the inside track on the technologies and businesses that are disrupting industries, creating entirely new markets and changing society. MIT Technology Review has unparalleled access to the most brilliant minds in science and technology from around the world.

Our events are designed to give attendees the tools necessary to:

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EmTech Discover the emerging technologies that will change the world

EmTech is your opportunity to discover future trends and begin to understand the technologies that will drive the new global economy. It's where tech, business, and culture converge, and where you gain access to the most innovative people and companies in the world.

Since 1999, EmTech has convened the sharpest minds in the technology, engineering, academic, startup, and management communities to explore a broad range of topics and provide insight into the innovations that shape the world and your business.

EmTech has expanded to a global audience with conferences in the US, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

EmTech Digital Innovations and Ideas Fueling Our Connected World

New digital technologies and services impact every industry and every aspect of our lives—from controlling our cars and thermostats to managing our medical records and guiding financial decisions.

EmTech Digital examines tomorrow's digital technologies and explains their global impact on both business and society. You'll get insider access to the innovative people and companies at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution, giving you the business intelligence you need in this rapidly shifting landscape.

EmTech Next Prepare for the Future of Work

AI and robotics are driving rapid and radical workplace transformation across all industries, for companies large and small. These and other emerging technologies, like advanced manufacturing and AR/VR, are changing jobs ranging from manufacturing to medicine to retail.

EmTech Next examines the technology behind these global trends and their implications for the future of work. We look at their potential to empower individuals and organizations and open up new areas of economic growth, and explore their unintended consequences for the workforce.

Future Compute Computing, connecting, and quantum opportunities

Emerging technologies are fueling digital transformations, changing our businesses and lives. New advancements in artificial intelligence, 5G connectivity, and quantum computing offer great opportunities to those who best understand how to capitalize on change.

Future Compute will prepare you today, for tomorrow. We’ll examine, at an executive level, the trends, time lines, and technologies needed to innovate and succeed.

Business of Blockchain Blockchain: you’ve heard the term, now understand the impact

Digital technologies let people who’ve never met do business across borders and continents in an instant. But how can they trust one another without relying on bureaucracy and middlemen? How can security, identity, and ownership be guaranteed while still operating at the speed of the Internet? Blockchains, or distributed ledgers, may provide the answer.

Companies, researchers, and governments are exploring how blockchains can secure trust without the need for third parties. Leaders in a wide range of industries around the world are seeking to understand how distributed ledgers can help them operate more efficiently. MIT Technology Review in collaboration with MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative has curated a one-day conference examining just that—exploring the technology, ethics, and impact of blockchains.