EmTech Digital

June 1-2, 2015
San Francisco, CA

About EmTech Digital

Digital technologies are connecting everything around us, making everyday things smarter and augmenting our experiences. Information is the new utility. We’ll look at emerging opportunities in the digital economy, and the implications for our personal and professional lives.

MIT Technology Review EmTech Digital (formerly Digital Summit) provides the intelligence you’ll need to succeed by exploring tomorrow's digital technologies and explaining their global impact on business and society. You'll gain access to the innovative people and companies at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution.

Themes include:

Digital Life
The lines between our online and offline lives are increasingly blurred as everything around us becomes connected. The implications are profound. How will our health benefit as new devices track our every heartbeat, movement, breath–even moods?

Digital Work
Cloud, big data, and mobile—Silicon Valley's largest trends—have truly impacted our daily lives. How will brands engage and influence us in the future? How will we pay for their products and services? How will security and privacy evolve?

Digital Play
A new generation of connected devices and digital experiences promise to reinvent entertainment. Connected consumers are driving a renaissance in digital content and design.