50 Smartest Companies in China 2020

Since 2010, MIT Technology Review has been creating an annual list of the 50 most innovative companies worldwide. Titled “50 Smartest Companies,” or “TR50,” this annual list became one of our most popular and widely read features.

Our list highlights technologically innovative companies with business models that will leverage these technological advances. The companies can be public, private, large, or small. This list is our best prediction as to which companies will be the dominant technology companies of the future, which is why it includes both highly successful ones, and also new and often very small companies with great potential.

In 2017, nine Chinese companies were selected to appear on the global TR50 list including Tencent, Face++, iFlytek, and Ant Financial. The TR50 China list includes both Chinese and foreign companies, and most importantly, it includes companies that are not yet globally known, but are setting the agenda in their respective fields. TR China shows the world why these 50 companies are the ones to watch.

In no particular order: