Deep Learning in Practice: Speech Recognition and Beyond

Andrew Ng, Baidu

Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist with Baidu, on deploying deep learning solutions in practice with conversational AI and beyond.

Andrew Ng, Chief Scientist, Baidu

Andrew Ng is chief scientist of Baidu, chairman and cofounder of Coursera, and a computer science faculty member at Stanford. Ng's work spans AI, machine learning, and online education. His AI work focuses on deep learning, which develops learning algorithms by building large-scale simulations of the brain. In 2011, he founded and led the Google Brain project, which built the largest deep-learning (neural network) systems at the time, leading to the celebrated "Google cat" result. His team's technology has also had a huge impact across numerous Google applications, including speech recognition, maps, and more. Ng currently leads Baidu Research in developing the next generation of deep-learning algorithms.


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