Why Genomic Medicine Needs Machine Learning

Brendan Frey, Deep Genomics

Brendan Frey, CEO & Cofounder, Deep Genomics on why genomic medicine needs artificial intelligence.

Brendan Frey, CEO & Cofounder, Deep Genomics

Brendan Frey is the CEO and a cofounder of Deep Genomics. He is known for his foundational and applied work in machine learning and genome biology, including early work on deep learning. He coined the term “genotype-phenotype gap,” which describes the absence of computational systems that can reliably ascertain the genetic determinants of phenotypes. These systems could drastically improve genetic testing, therapeutics, personalized medicine, and insurance. Brendan has consulted for over a dozen machine-learning-powered companies, has served on the technical advisory board of Microsoft Research, holds numerous patents, and has served as an expert witness in patent litigation.


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