Pushing Transparency and Choice in Data and Privacy Policies

Denelle Dixon-Thayer, Mozilla

Watch this interview with Denelle and Technology Review's Nanette Byrnes.

Denelle Dixon-Thayer, SVP, Business and Legal Affairs, Mozilla

Denelle-Dixon Thayer has been working in the tech sector on business, policy and legal issues for the last 15 years. As SVP, business and legal affairs for Mozilla, she leads the organization’s global business development, public policy and legal teams. Denelle joined Mozilla in 2012 as associate general counsel after working as an outside advisor to the Project for several years. Prior to Mozilla, Denelle was director of legal and investor relations at Terra Firma, a private equity firm based in the UK. Before joining Terra Firma, she managed the legal team at Yahoo! and counseled the company on human rights, antitrust and litigation issues.

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