Robots on the Road: AI in Autonomous Vehicles

Carol Reiley, and Sameep Tandon,

Autonomous vehicles will change the way we get around town, but they will also transform the shipping industry. Hear from the companies at the heart of automating vehicles, from cars to big rigs.

Carol Reiley, President,

Carol is the cofounder and president of, a startup using deep learning to develop the software that will power the autonomous transportation of the future. She has studied human-robot interaction extensively and worked in surgical and underwater robotics. She is also an active advocate for diversity and education in tech.

Sameep Tandon, Cofounder and CEO,

Sameep is the Chief Executive Officer and Cofounder of He was previously a PhD candidate at Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, where he led research in Deep Learning for Self Driving Vehicles. He is a recipient of the Stanford School of Engineering Fellowship and the Mark D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship.


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