The Future of Human-Machine Interaction: Bringing Perception and Intelligence to Industrial Robots

Clara Vu, Veo Robotics

Clara Vu discusses how Veo’s technology enables industrial robots to better sense humans and their work, unlocking new opportunities for teamwork and collaboration.

Clara Vu, Cofounder and VP of Engineering, Veo Robotics

Clara Vu is cofounder and VP of engineering at Veo Robotics, a company that brings advanced computer vision, 3-D sensing, and AI to industrial robots, allowing them to work side by side with humans in manufacturing processes. She leads the engineering team and supports Veo Robotics’ product creation process and strategy. With over two decades of experience in robotics, Clara has developed multiple products from inception to market. She started her career at iRobot programming robots for oil well exploration; she then moved on to interactive toys and the Roomba. Prior to Veo, Clara was cofounder and director of software development for Harvest Automation, makers of mobile robots for agricultural automation. Before that, she was a product management consultant at Rethink Robotics, where she first met Veo cofounder Patrick Sobalvarro. Clara holds a BS in mathematics from Yale University.

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