Future Focus: Quantum Computing in Next Generation AI Research

Dario Gil, IBM Research

Dario Gil shares the future of quantum computing.

Dario Gil, Vice President, AI and IBM Q, IBM Research

Dr. Gil is a leading technologist and senior executive at IBM. As vice president of AI and IBM Q, he is responsible for IBM's artificial-intelligence research and for its commercial quantum computing program (IBM Q). Dr. Gil was previously the VP of Science and Solutions, directing a global organization of 1,500 researchers across 12 laboratories with a broad portfolio of activities spanning the physical sciences, the mathematical sciences, and industry solutions based on AI, IoT, blockchain, and quantum technologies. His research results have appeared in over 20 international journals and conferences, and he is the author of numerous patents. Dr. Gil is an elected member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He received his PhD in electrical engineering and computer science from MIT.


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