AI's Economic Impact

Daron Acemoglu, MIT Technology Review

Daron Acemoglu takes a look at the link between productivity and employment, and evaluates the best path forward through this time of radical disruption in the workplace.

Daron Acemoglu, Professor, MIT Technology Review

Daron Acemoglu is Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received a BA in economics at the University of York, 1989, an MS in mathematical economics and econometrics at the London School of Economics, 1990, and a PhD in economics at the London School of Economics in 1992.

Acemoglu’s areas of research include political economy, economic development and growth, human capital theory, growth theory, innovation, search theory, network economics, and learning. His recent research focuses on the political, economic and social causes of differences in economic development across societies; the factors affecting the institutional and political evolution of nations; and how technology impacts growth and distribution of resources and is itself determined by economic and social incentives.


Business Impact
How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

Intelligent Machines
Artificial intelligence and robots are transforming how we work and live.

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