David He - Behind the Scenes

David He, Quanttus

He talks about the origins of his company, Quanttus, and the challenges he has faced in developing a wearable device that could help control blood pressure.

David He, Cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer, Quanttus

David He is a cofounder and chief scientific officer of Quanttus. In that job, he works on new ways that wearable sensors, algorithms, and data insights can transform how people monitor their personal health by changing from one doctor’s visit per year to half a million vital-sign readings per day. Previously, he has worked on a variety of sensors, including a wearable vital-signs monitor, an integrated nanowatt heartbeat extraction circuit, an organic transistor sensor, and industrial wireless condition-monitoring sensors. He received a bachelor's degree in from the University of Toronto and a master's degree and Ph.D. from MIT, all in electrical engineering.

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