Creative Machines

Douglas Eck, Google Brain

Can machines make music and art?

Douglas Eck, Senior Staff Research Scientist, Google Brain

Douglas Eck is a Research Scientist at Google working in the areas of music and machine learning. Currently, he is leading the Magenta Project, a Google Brain effort to generate music, video, images, and text using deep learning and reinforcement learning. One of the primary goals of Magenta is to better understand how machine learning algorithms can learn to produce more compelling media based on feedback from artists, musicians, and consumers. Doug led the Search, Recommendations, and Discovery team for Play Music from the product's inception as Music Beta by Google through its launch as a subscription service. Before joining Google in 2010, Doug was an Associate Professor in Computer Science at University of Montreal (MILA lab) where he worked on rhythm and meter perception, machine learning models of music performance, and automatic annotation of large audio data sets.


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