Driving the Future of Mobility

Erica Klampfl, Ford Motor Company

Several megatrends, such as population growth, the expanding middle class, environmental concerns and gridlock in cities are threatening personal mobility, especially in urban areas. Companies are looking at new solutions and services such as car sharing models, parking solutions, on-demand transportation and electric bicycles to help change how the world moves.

Erica Klampfl, Global Mobility Solutions Manager, Ford Motor Company

Erica Klampfl is Ford's global mobility solutions manager, defining Ford's near, mid, and long-term mobility strategy. This includes assessing the products, technologies, and business models required to deliver the plan. Previously, she led the strategy and sustainability analytics group at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering. She received a Ph.D. in computational and applied mathematics from Rice University and has over a decade of experience in developing and applying operations research and other analytics techniques to inform business strategy, strengthen environmental sustainability, and improve manufacturing efficiency. She was chair of the 2012 Informs Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference and chair of the 2011 Informs Prize Committee. She is on advisory boards at the University of Michigan and Michigan State University and is on the board of governors for the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications.