Technology Spotlight: Breaking Barriers with Machine Translation

Hua Wu, Baidu

Hua Wu discusses the importance of machine translation.

Hua Wu, Chief Scientist, Natural Language Processing, Baidu

Hua Wu is the chief scientist of Baidu’s natural-language processing department and the president of the Baidu Technical Committee. Her research fields include machine translation, natural-language processing (NLP), machine learning, dialogue systems, and the knowledge graph.

Over her seven years at Baidu, she and her team have achieved multiple technology breakthroughs in NLP and machine translation, many of which have been successfully deployed in a range of Baidu products used by hundreds of millions of users. Hua Wu also cofounded the Baidu Translate project, which provides instant, free multilingual text translation, and built the core technology for Baidu’s personal assistant.

Before joining Baidu, she was with Microsoft Research Asia and Toshiba Research Center, where she worked on NLP and machine translation. She holds a PhD from the Chinese Academy of Sciences in NLP and machine translation.


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