Meet the Innovators Under 35

Conor Walsh, Harvard University

This robotics researcher might have something in just your size.

Conor Walsh, Assistant Professor, Harvard University

Conor Walsh is an assistant professor at the John A. Paulson Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a core faculty member at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Walsh received bachelor's degrees in mechanical and manufacturing engineering from Trinity College in Ireland in 2003. At MIT, he received a master's degree in 2006 and a PhD in 2010, both in mechanical engineering. His lab brings together researchers from the engineering, industrial design, apparel, clinical, and business communities to develop new technologies and translate them for industrial partners. Much of his current research focuses on applying disruptive technologies to the development of robotic devices for augmenting and restoring human performance. This research includes new approaches to the design, manufacture and control of wearable robotic devices and characterizing their performance through biomechanical and physiological studies to further scientific understanding of how humans interact with such machines.


Innovators Under 35
individuals whose superb technical work promises to shape the coming decades through the development of new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems.