Blockchain Sovereignty and Blockchain Integration for Businesses

Jake Yocom-Piatt , Decred and Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, MIT Technology Review

Most cryptocurrencies, e.g. Bitcoin, use a pure Proof-of-Work consensus system, but this system has shortcomings that create instability. In this session, Decred Project Lead Jake Yocom-Piatt discusses how hybridization of Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake can realign incentives to provide a sustainable system with a more traditional sovereignty model. Corporate stakeholders learn that by making creative use of the timestamping properties of existing blockchains, it is possible to obtain many of the benefits of a blockchain, without requiring development of a custom specific-use blockchain.

Jake Yocom-Piatt , Project Lead, Decred

Jake Yocom-Piatt is Project Lead for Decred. A cryptocurrency pioneer who has been using, funding, and directing the creation of open-source software for 10+ years, he has been an expert source for the iChicago Tribune/i and a variety of industry publications. He has also been a frequent panelist and has taught workshops on cryptocurrency governance. Prior to Decred, Jake funded and oversaw the creation of btcsuite, an alternative full-node Bitcoin implementation written in go, whose source code has been used in several other notable projects, including Lightning Network Daemon (lnd), Ethereum, and Factom. He also is a co-creator of zkc, a high-security asynchronous chat system.

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, CEO and Publisher, MIT Technology Review

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau is the CEO and publisher of MIT Technology Review, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s media company. MIT Technology Review’s analysis, features, interviews, and events explain the impact of new technologies on business and society.

Elizabeth is leading the growth, expansion, and modernization of MIT Technology Review’s media platforms and products, including U.S. and international websites, newsletters, events, and an award-winning print magazine. Elizabeth also serves as chair of the global entrepreneurial network MIT Enterprise Forum.

Elizabeth has a 20-year background in building and running teams at world-leading media companies. She maintains a keen focus on new ways to commercialize media content to appeal to discerning, demanding consumers as well as B2B audiences.

Prior to joining MIT Technology Review, Elizabeth was the global managing director of the Economist Corporate Network (whose parent company publishes The Economist magazine), where she led editorial content creation, sales, marketing, and event operations. She also spent a decade working as a consultant.

Elizabeth holds an executive MBA from the London Business School, an MSc from the London School of Economics, and a bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College.