2018 Innovator Under 35: James Dahlman

James Dahlman, Georgia Institute of Technology

His method makes it possible to test 300 drugs at once.

James Dahlman, Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

James Dahlman is an assistant professor in the Georgia Tech Department of Biomedical Engineering, where his lab works at the interface of drug delivery, nanotechnology, genomics, and gene editing. James, who studied gene editing with Feng Zhang and RNA delivery with Robert Langer and Daniel Anderson, uses his unique background in high-throughput nanoparticle chemistry, in vivo RNA delivery, and genomics to design safer gene therapies. He has designed nanoparticles, being considered for clinical use, that deliver RNA to blood vessels in the heart and lung, and he has developed targeted combination therapies targeting five genes at once in vivo. His lab has also designed several high-throughput nanoparticle DNA bar-coding systems to measure how 200 different nanoparticles deliver drugs to cells. He has been named a Bayer Young Investigator and a Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Young Investigator. He has won numerous fellowships and research and teaching awards and was one of two Georgia Tech professors given the Women in Engineering Teaching Award in 2018. His work has been published in Nature Nano, Nature Biotech, Nature Cell Bio, Science Translational Medicine, Cell, PNAS, and other leading journals. He has given 55 invited talks around the world since he completed his PhD in 2014.


Innovators Under 35
individuals whose superb technical work promises to shape the coming decades through the development of new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems.