AI and Robotics in the Lab: Accelerating Materials Discovery

Jill Becker, Kebotix

Jill Becker shares her vision for applying AI to accelerate materials discovery, which will be essential to advances in everything from new drugs to better batteries and photovoltaics.

Jill Becker, CEO and Cofounder, Kebotix

Jill Becker is CEO and cofounder of Kebotix, a company that combines cutting-edge AI and robotics to rapidly innovate new materials.

Previously, Jill served as founder of two tech companies, 02139 and Cambridge NanoTech. The latter operated at a profit every year and in 2012 was sold to Ultratech, a public semiconductor company.

Jill’s honors include the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in energy and materials. Among the numerous patents she holds is one for a technology that’s been cited as “revolutionizing the manufacture of semiconductor components, making better computers available around the world, and contributing to the growth of the information economy.”

Jill earned both doctorate and master’s degrees in chemistry from Harvard. She also holds an honors bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the University of Toronto.


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