2018 Innovator Under 35: Jonas Cleveland

Jonas Cleveland, COSY Robotics

Jonas Cleveland is helping create the shopping robots of the near future.

Jonas Cleveland, Cofounder and President, COSY Robotics

Jonas Cleveland is an entrepreneur in AI and robotics. He holds several patents in computer vision, machine perception, and robot mapping and has published in several of the leading journals and conferences in robotics and automation. He is also cofounder and CEO/CTO of COSY, a spinout of the GRASP Lab at UPenn that brings AI and computer vision to the store floor for leading retailers. The company is venture-backed by Benjamin Franklin, Polis Ventures, and Intel Capital. Jonas has received multiple awards for his work in product development and entrepreneurship, including LinkedIn’'s Next Wave Award and Comcast’s Billy Penn Who’s Next Entrepreneurs. He has a degree from Carnegie Mellon in electrical and computer engineering and received his master’s at UPenn in robotics while starting COSY.


Innovators Under 35
individuals whose superb technical work promises to shape the coming decades through the development of new technology or the creative application of existing technologies to solve problems.