China’s Clean Energy Transition

Jonas Nahm, Johns Hopkins University

Jonas Nahm provides a clearer view of how the energy transformation in China is unfolding, including where the nation is succeeding and where it’s running into roadblocks.

Jonas Nahm, Assistant Professor of Energy, Resources, and Environment, Johns Hopkins University

Jonas Nahm is assistant professor of energy, resources, and environment at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, where his research focuses on the political economy of clean-energy transitions in China, Germany, and the United States. Jonas is particularly interested in the relationship between firms and governments in industrial development and technological innovation, asking when and how governments can reap economic—and not just environmental—benefits from supporting green industrial growth. A recent extension of this work examines strategic sources of state power in overcoming opposition from industrial lobbies in greening the global auto industry.


Sustainable Energy
Can we sustainably provide food, water, and energy to a growing population during a climate crisis?

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