Intelligent Machines: Autonomous Cars

Karl Iagnemma, MIT and CEO and Co-Founder, nuTonomy

With new developments towards the promise of autonomous vehicles, the driving experience of tomorrow is quickly arriving.

Karl Iagnemma, Principal Research Scientist, MIT and CEO and Co-Founder, nuTonomy

Karl Iagnemma is a Principal Research Scientist at MIT, where he directs the Robotic Mobility Group. His research has resulted in more than 150 technical papers and a dozen patents, and has found application in passenger vehicle safety systems, robotic surgery, and Mars surface exploration, among other domains. Karl is also co-founder and CEO of nuTonomy, a startup focused on the development of software for self-driving cars. Karl holds a BS degree from the University of Michigan, and MS and PhD degrees from MIT.


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Intelligent Machines
Artificial intelligence and robots are transforming how we work and live.

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