From Policy to Implementation: Establishing Principles of Responsible AI

Kent Walker, Google

Kent Walker shares an update on Google's AI Principles and announces an external advisory council to help advance the responsible development of AI.

Kent Walker, Senior Vice President of Global Affairs, Google

Kent Walker has worked at the nexus of cutting-edge technology, policy, and legal issues for over 20 years. He currently oversees Google’s legal, policy, and compliance affairs, product policies, philanthropic efforts, and work with governments around the world. Before joining Google, Kent held executive positions at leading technology companies, including eBay, Netscape, AOL, and Airtouch Communications. He served as an assistant US attorney with the US Department of Justice and advised the attorney general on technology policy issues. At the start of his career, he worked as a litigator specializing in government and public law issues. Kent graduated with honors from Harvard College and Stanford Law School. He has served on the boards of a variety of industry associations and currently serves on the Harvard Board of Overseers and the Mercy Corps Social Ventures Fund. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


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How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

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