Lemelson-MIT Prize Honors

Jay Whitacre, Aquion Energy

Jay Whitacre, winner of the 2015 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize and professor at Carnegie Mellon University, shares his views on innovating with energy technologies and the invention of the aqueous hybrid ion battery. A short Q&A follows.

Jay Whitacre, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Aquion Energy

Jay Whitacre is internationally recognized for his work in the field of large-scale energy storage. He founded Aquion Energy in 2008 to meet an urgent social, environmental, and economic need with a new nontoxic energy storage product – the aqueous hybrid ion (AHI) battery. The AHI battery can provide long-term storage of energy from solar, wind, and other intermittent sources at a low cost. It’s the only sustainable battery to be mass-produced. Whitacre is a professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the Departments of Materials Science & Engineering and Engineering & Public Policy. He also retains the title of chief technology officer at Aquion Energy. Whitacre won the $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize in 2015 for his groundbreaking sustainable inventions to improve our world and his dedication to the next generation.