Lemelson-MIT Prize Honors

Sangeeta Bhatia, MIT

A fireside chat with 2014 Lemelson-MIT Prize winner, Sangeeta Bhatia.

Sangeeta Bhatia, 2014 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize winner, John J. & Dorothy Wilson Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

Sangeeta N. Bhatia, M.D., Ph.D. is often described as a bold risk taker; she seeks out big issues without regard for disciplinary boundaries. Bhatia brings together collaborative and multidisciplinary teams and combines her clinical and engineering perspectives to develop miniaturized technologies that impact human health. She has pioneered technologies for interfacing living cells with synthetic systems, enabling new applications in tissue regeneration, stem cell differentiation, medical diagnostics and drug delivery. Bhatia has been recognized as one of the “the nation's most promising young professors in science and engineering” by the Packard Foundation and recently won the 2014 $500,000 Lemelson-MIT Prize for her dedication to the next generation of scientists and groundbreaking inventions.

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