Infinite Energy: Rethinking Nuclear Power

Leslie Dewan, Transatomic Power

Leslie Dewan, Cofounder and Chief Science Officer, Transatomic Power, on her plans to build a nuclear reactor that costs half as much, consumes nuclear waste, and will never melt down.

Leslie Dewan, Cofounder and Chief Science Officer, Transatomic Power

Leslie Dewan is a cofounder and chief scientist for Transatomic Power, a nuclear-reactor design company developing safe and environmentally-friendly nuclear power plants. She received a PhD in nuclear engineering from MIT in 2013, with a research focus on computational nuclear materials. She also received bachelor's degrees in mechanical engineering and nuclear engineering for MIT. Before starting her PhD studies, she worked for a robotics company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she designed search-and-rescue robots and equipment for in-field identification of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. Dewan is a U.S. Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow and an MIT Presidential Fellow, and she was among the Forbes' "30 Under 30" in energy in 2012.


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