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Gideon Lichfield, MIT Technology Review, Neha Narula, MIT Media Lab, and Michael Casey, MIT Media Lab

Gideon Lichfield, Michael Casey, and Neha Narula in coversation about the future of blockchain.

Gideon Lichfield, Editor in Chief, MIT Technology Review

Gideon Lichfield has been the editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review since December 2017. He spent 16 years at The Economist, first as a science and technology writer and then in postings to Mexico City, Moscow, Jerusalem, and New York City. In 2012 he left to become one of the founding editors of Quartz, a news outlet dedicated to covering the future of the global economy that is now widely recognized as one of the most innovative companies in digital media. Gideon has taught journalism at New York University and been a fellow at Data & Society, a research institute devoted to studying the social impacts of new technology. He grew up in the UK and studied physics and the philosophy of science.

Neha Narula, Director, DCI, MIT Media Lab

Neha Narula is director of the Digital Currency Initiative, a part of the MIT Media Lab where she teaches courses and leads cryptocurrency and blockchain research. While completing her PhD in computer science at MIT, she built fast, scalable databases and secure software systems, and she spoke about these topics at dozens of industry and research conferences.

In a previous life, Narula helped relaunch the news aggregator Digg and was a senior software engineer at Google. There, she designed Blobstore, a system for storing and serving petabytes of immutable data, and worked on Native Client, a system for running native code securely through a browser.

Michael Casey, Senior Advisor, DCI, MIT Media Lab

Michael Casey is a senior advisor at the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and a senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is also chairman of the advisory board for CoinDesk, for which he writes his weekly “Token Economy” column, and a founding member of the Global Blockchain Business Council. A writer, researcher, and public speaker on economics and digital technology, Michael was a journalist for most of his career, including 18 years at the Wall Street Journal, where he was a senior columnist covering global finance. He is the author of five books, including The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything and The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order, both coauthored with Paul Vigna, and The Social Organism: A Radical Understanding of Social Media to Transform Your Business and Life, co-written with Oliver Luckett.

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