AI and Upholding Human Rights

Mark Latonero, Data & Society

Mark Latonero shares an update on his research on protecting human rights in the era of AI.

Mark Latonero, Research Lead, Data & Society

Mark Latonero leads the Human Rights program at Data & Society, an independent research institute in New York. He is on the Advisory Board of WEF’s Civil Society Initiative and is a fellow at Berkeley Law, Harvard Kennedy School, and USC Annenberg School. He has been an innovation consultant for the UN Human Rights Office and was a research professor at USC where he led the Technology and Human Trafficking Initiative. His research examines the benefits, risks, and harms of digital technologies particularly for vulnerable populations. His recent report, Governing Artificial Intelligence: Upholding Human Rights & Dignity, shows how fundamental rights can guide AI design, development, and deployment. He has led field research in a dozen countries investigating the role of technology in humanitarian contexts such as forced migration and refugees. Mark completed his PhD at the University of Southern California and was a postdoctoral scholar at the London School of Economics.


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