How AI is Changing the Way We Work

Max Versace, Neurala

From esoteric tech to AI, visual analysis and deep learning systems are now transforming the innovation of intelligent products and devices, making enterprises more competitive and jobs more efficient. MIT Technology Review Editor at Large, David Rotman, and Max Versace, Cofounder and CEO of Neurala, discuss what this means within the enterprise space and how it translates into worksite and process efficiency.

Max Versace, Cofounder and CEO, Neurala

Dr. Massimiliano Versace is the CEO and cofounder of AI-powered visual inspection company, Neurala. Max is a pioneer in non-traditional DNN approaches and a leader in the movement to bring AI beyond the hype and apply it in real-world, tangible use cases.

As a cofounder of Neurala, Max has been instrumental in innovating AI technologies that enable customers in the industrial, drone, robotics, and smart device verticals efficiently and cost-effectively deploy AI for real-world impact. Specifically, Max led the development of Brain Builder: an end-to-end platform that allows users to build, deploy, and analyze custom vision AI solutions with instant feedback on performance. Drawing on Max’s work in innovative DNN approaches, Brain Builder leverages Lifelong-DNN (L-DNN) technology, which reduces the data requirements for AI model development and enables continuous learning in the cloud or at the edge. As an inventor of L-DNN, Max spearheaded successful deployment of this technology in 53 million devices worldwide.

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