Fighting Offensive Content: Making Intelligent Assistants Fun to Use and Fast to Correct

Misha Bilenko, Yandex

Misha Bilenko explores how to quickly correct offensive content in intelligent systems.

Misha Bilenko, Head of Machine Intelligence and Research Division, Yandex

Misha brings over two decades of academic and industrial experience in machine learning. He heads the Yandex Machine Intelligence and Research (MIR) division, which focuses on research and development of core AI technologies (speech, computer vision, machine translation, and NLP), ML tools and platforms, and fundamental computer science research. MIR covers the complete research-to-product cycle and delivers AI technologies to all Yandex products. Under Misha, MIR launched the intelligent assistant Alice, open sourced the gradient boosting library, CatBoost, and integrated advanced ML solutions in several new products. Previously, Misha spent 10 years at Microsoft where he led the Machine Learning Algorithms team in the Cloud and Enterprise division. Before that, he worked in the Machine Learning Group at Microsoft Research and was also a research intern at Google and IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. Misha has a PhD in Computer Sciences from the University of Texas at Austin, where he was a member of the Machine Learning Group.


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