Augmented Intelligence: The Art of Making Complex Business Decisions: Presented by PwC

Anand Rao, PwC

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Man & Machine: Presented by PwC

Anand Rao, Principal, Innovation Lead, Data & Analytics, PwC

Anand Rao is a principal in PwC’s advisory practice and the innovation lead for the U.S. firm’s Data & Analytics Group. In this role, Anand is responsible for a team of practitioners who work with C-level executives at some of the world’s largest organizations, advising them on a range of topics including global growth strategies, marketing, sales, distribution and digital strategies, behavioral economics and customer experience, and statistical and computational analytics. As the innovation lead for the analytics group he is responsible for research and commercial relationships with academic institutions and startups focused on new and innovative AI, big data, and analytic techniques. Before joining management consulting, Anand was the chief research scientist at the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute. He has held board positions at startups and currently serves as a board member for not-for-profit industry associations. He has co-edited four books and published over 50 papers for refereed journals and conferences. Anand was awarded the Most Influential Paper Award for the Decade in 2007 from the Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (AAMAS) organization for his work on intelligent agents. He is a frequent speaker on artificial intelligence, behavioral economics, analytics, and technology topics in academic and trade forums. Anand holds a PhD in artificial intelligence from the University of Sydney, where he was awarded the University Postgraduate Research Award. He was also awarded an MBA from Melbourne Business School with Distinction.