Technology Spotlight: Mind-controlled VR

Ramses Alcaide, Neurable and Rachel Metz, MIT Technology Review

Watch a live demo of Neurable–a mind controlled VR game–and a discussion with Rachel Metz and Neurable's founder, Rames Alcaide.

Ramses Alcaide, Founder and CEO , Neurable

Ramses Alcaide is an electrical engineer, neuroscientist, previous CEO of Pharo, and current CEO of Neurable. At Pharo, he managed high-impact health projects such as a malaria prediction system, a rehabilitation technology for stroke patients, and a health monitoring system. As a researcher, he has worked extensively to develop brain-computer interface (BCI) technology for people with amputations, children with cerebral palsy, and people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He was also the CTO and CSO at NeuroStride, developing their go-to-market strategy and technology. Lastly, he is also the inventor and primary developer of Neurable. His honors include the Neuroscience Innovator Award, a National Science Foundation Fellowship, and a Ford Foundation Fellowship.

Rachel Metz, Senior Editor for Mobile, MIT Technology Review

As MIT Technology Review’s senior editor for mobile, Rachel Metz covers a wide variety of startups and writes gadget reviews out of the San Francisco office. Before arriving at MIT Technology Review in early 2012, Rachel spent five years as a technology reporter at the Associated Press, covering companies including Apple, Amazon, and eBay, and penning reviews. She has also worked as a freelancer, covering both technology and crime for the New York Times.


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