Mechanism Design for Social Good

Rediet Abebe, Black in AI

Rediet Abebe speaks to the need for deeper collaboration between AI researchers, and those with backgrounds in social sciences and underserved communities, to ensure that AI tools don’t cause more problems than they solve.

Rediet Abebe, Computer Science Researcher, Cornell University; Cofounder, Black in AI

Rediet Abebe is a computer scientist with a strong interest in the promotion of equality and justice. Her research focuses on algorithms, AI, and their applications to social good. As part of this research mission, she co-founded and co-organizes Mechanism Design for Social Good, a research initiative that aims to use techniques from algorithms and AI to improve access to opportunity for historically under-served and marginalized communities, as well as Black in AI, an international network of individuals focused on increasing the presence and inclusion of Black researchers and practitioners in the field of artificial intelligence.

She is a PhD candidate in computer Science at Cornell University, where she also earned an MS. She holds an MS and a BA in mathematics from Harvard University and an MA in mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Her research is deeply influenced by her upbringing in her hometown of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she lived until moving to the US in 2009.


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