Rethinking Urban Infrastructure: New Technologies

Ryan Chin, MIT Media Lab

Around the world, cities are focusing on new technologies to help prepare for dramatic population growth. MIT Media Lab's Ryan Chin shares his view on the challenge, and some of the latest research into solutions designed to improve urban life.

Ryan Chin, Research Specialist, MIT Media Lab

Ryan Chin is a research specialist and PhD candidate at the MIT Media Lab. His research in urban mobility systems addresses the energy and mobility problems of 21st-century cities, such as energy efficiency, congestion, urban land use, and carbon emissions leading to global warming. He has led and managed the conceptual and design development of a series of lightweight electric vehicles (LEVs) within the Smart Cities group, including the CityCar, RoboScooter, and GreenWheel Smart Bicycle.


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How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

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