Rethinking Urban Mobility

Ryan Chin, Optimus Ride

Ryan Chin, Cofounder & CEO, Optimus Ride, discusses how we will rethink urban mobility with the arrival of self-driving vehicles.

Ryan Chin, Cofounder & CEO, Optimus Ride

Dr. Ryan C.C. Chin is the CEO and cofounder of Optimus Ride, a just-launched company focused on developing self-driving technologies that enable safe, sustainable, and equitable mobility access. Dr. Chin was the managing director of the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab (2012–2015). He conducted research in the areas of urban mobility, housing, energy, and big data analytics. He researched autonomous mobility-on-demand systems—a network of self-driving, shared-use electric vehicles (EVs). He developed EVs including the GreenWheel, RoboScooter, and CityCar, a foldable two-passenger electric vehicle. Dr. Chin advises industry and government agencies on smart-city innovations and is a member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology working group on technology and the future of cities.


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