Technology Spotlight: Cities

Sep Kamvar, MIT Media Lab and Rene Reinsberg, GoDaddy

From Consumer to Creator: How Software is Shaping our Schools, Cities and Small Businesses

Sep Kamvar, Associate Professor, MIT Media Lab

Sep Kamvar is an associate professor at the MIT Media Lab, where he directs the Social Computing Group. Prior to MIT, Sep was the engineering lead for personalization at Google and a consulting professor of Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford University. Prior to that, he was founder and CEO of Kaltix, a personalized search company that was acquired by Google in 2003. Sep is the author of two books and over 40 technical publications and patents in the fields of search and social computing. His artwork has been exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens. Sep received his Ph.D. in Scientific Computing and Computational Mathematics from Stanford University and his A.B. in Chemistry from Princeton University.

Rene Reinsberg, Vice President, Emerging Products, GoDaddy

Rene Reinsberg co-founded Locu and served as CEO until Locu's acquisition by GoDaddy in August 2013. Rene is currently the vice president of Emerging Products at GoDaddy. He previously lead GoDaddy's online marketing product portfolio. Rene started his first software startup out of high school, building one of the early GUI-based point-of-sale and inventory management systems for small retailers in Germany. He has worked at McKinsey and Morgan Stanley and has an MBA from MIT Sloan. Rene was awarded the 2011 McGovern Entrepreneurship award and is an advisor and investor in several technology startups.


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