Processing Power for Modern AI

Simon Knowles, Graphcore

Startups and chip makers are developing new types of processors specifically for AI and machine learning. Simon Knowles, Cofounder and CTO of Graphcore, discusses new “intelligence processing units” that enable the massively parallel processing required by modern AI applications.

Simon Knowles, Founder and CTO, Graphcore

Simon is cofounder & CTO of Graphcore. Simon has a strong track record as both engineer and entrepreneur, having co-founded and exited two highly successful fabless semiconductor companies, Element14 and Icera, for a combined value of over $1billion. Before that he headed the microprocessor development group at ST Micro. He is well known as a leading microprocessor designer, responsible for ground-breaking designs at STMicro, Element14, and Icera.

He holds an MA in Electrical Science from Cambridge University and is the author of 14 issued patents.

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