Robots That Teach Each Other

Stefanie Tellex, Brown University

10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2016: Robots That Teach Each Other

Stefanie Tellex, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Brown University

Stefanie Tellex is an assistant professor in the computer science department at Brown University. The aim of her research program is to construct robots that seamlessly use natural language to communicate with humans. As machines become more powerful and more autonomous, it is critical to develop methods for enabling people to tell them what to do. Robots that can communicate with people using language can respond appropriately to commands given by humans, ask questions when they are confused, and request help when they get stuck. Tellex completed her PhD at the MIT Media Lab in 2010. Her postdoctoral work at MIT CSAIL focused on creating robots that understand natural language. Read about her work on one of MIT Technology Review's 10 Breakthrough Technologies of 2016, Robots That Teach Each Other.


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