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Tracy Chou, Project Include

2017 Innovator Under 35: Bringing tech’s dismal diversity numbers out into the open

Tracy Chou, Founding Advisor, Project Include

Tracy Chou is an entrepreneur, software engineer, and diversity advocate. From 2011 to 2016 Tracy was an engineer and tech lead at Pinterest, with roles in home feed and recommendations, ad products, Web, infrastructure, API, e-mail, and growth. Before Pinterest, she worked at Quora, also as an engineer. During the previous federal administration, she was on reserve with the U.S. Digital Service as a technical consultant as well.

Alongside her engineering career, Tracy is most well-known for her work pushing for diversity in tech. In 2013, she helped kick off the wave of tech-company diversity disclosures with a Github repository collecting numbers on women in engineering. Tracy is now a founding member of Project Include and an advisor to Homebrew VC, and she enjoys working with startups on engineering, product, culture, and diversity. She was named to Forbes’s Tech 30 under 30 in 2014 and has been profiled in Vogue, Wired, the Atlantic, and other outlets.

Tracy graduated from Stanford with an MS in computer science and a BS in electrical engineering.


Innovators Under 35
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