Machine Learning: The Opportunity and the Opportunists

Zachary Lipton, Carnegie Mellon University and Amazon AI

While artificial intelligence is delivering valuable solutions across many industries today, expectations are increasingly out of synch with the reality that the field is still in its very early stages. What are the dangers posed by this disconnect?

Zachary Lipton, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University and Amazon AI

Zachary Chase Lipton is an assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University. His research spans core machine-learning methods and their social impact, with a concentration on deep learning for time series data and sequential decision-making. This work addresses diverse application areas, including medical diagnosis, dialogue systems, and product recommendation. He completed several prolonged internships at Microsoft Research while completing his PhD at UCSD and continues to work part time as a machine-learning scientist at Amazon AI. He is the founding editor of the blog Approximately Correct and the lead author of Deep Learning: The Straight Dope, an open-source interactive book teaching deep learning through Jupyter notebooks.

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